My personal blog in English from Milan, Italy. In the following posts I will tell you something about my interests and causes.

By Enrico Filippucci.

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Twitter’s Community notes, good but manipulable

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X Community Notes (X formerly known as Twitter) add context to potentially misleading Tweets. Contributors can leave notes on any Tweet. If enough contributors, from different points of view, rate a note as helpful for a tweet, the note will be publicly shown with the Tweet. ... Read more-»»
Desert and oasis

The human fight against desertification: heroes and enemies

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Deserts are the areas of our planet more alike Mars. Probably, Mars was full of water sometime in the past. Desertification is not only the tendency of some land to become a desert, but it is also an extremely dangerous tendency for our planet. As ... Read more-»»
Knowing Italy from comedies

Would you like to understand Italy? Ask our comedians!

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You can better understand Italy from comedies rather than from dramas. When I was a child, I learned from our comics how Italian society was. Alberto Sordi‘s movies were among my favorites to learn and have fun with. The list of amusing Italian movies to ... Read more-»»

The Italian way to deal with stress, my three simple suggestions

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Fight the stress with quality and beauty. Many Italians are stressed. The time of “Dolce vita and fun” are almost gone with the economic crisis and covid. But in Italy, we have many resources from our culture, many Italians are enjoying life despite these tough ... Read more-»»